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Director of Baldwin Honors & Professor of Classics Drew University
207 Brothers College
http://jmuccigr.github.io/ Madison, NJ 07940
VIAF, ORCID, Academia.edu +1.973.408.3029


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1998 University of Michigan, Ph.D., Classical Studies
1994 (Summer) American School for Classical Studies, Summer Program
1990–1993 University of Minnesota, Center for Ancient Studies
1990 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.S., chemistry
1987 Amherst College, B.A., ΦΒΚ, classics and chemistry
1986 (Spring) Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies, Rome
1983 Regis High School

Academic Employment

Drew University

date item
1998–present Department of Classics
date item
2020-present Director of Baldwin Honors
2021-2022, 2017–2018 Co-Director, Mellon Digital Humanities Grant
2009–2014 Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts
  Budget & salary; retention; management of physical resources; scheduling; college IR; admissions outreach; special projects
2011–2014 Director of Institutional Research
  Internal & external reporting; survey administration; retention analysis; budget-preparation assistance

Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies, Rome

date item
2019-2020 Professor in Charge

Holy Names University

date item
2018-2019 Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs (interim)

Faculty Service

date item
2021– Digital Humanities Advisory Committee
2016–2018 Digital Humanities Working Group
2015–2018 Super-advisor to incoming students
2016–2017 Faculty Associate, Brown First-Year Residence Hall
2015–2017 Baldwin Honors Committee
2006–2008 Chair, Committee on Academic Policy and Curriculum
2004–2005 Mellon Foreign-Language Grant steering committee
2000–2006 College Space Committee (chair from 2004)
2002–2006 University Space Committee
2004–2005 Co-Chair, Foreign-Language Council
2002 Student Life Advisory Board
2000–2001 University Technology Committee

Professional Service

date item
2012–present Bryn Mawr Classical Review, editorial board
1995–present Owner of Greekarch, an e-mail list for Greek archaeology
2007–2010 APA Committee on the Status of Women and Minority Groups

Administrative Committee Service

date item
2011–2014 Net Tuition Revenue
2010–2014 Leader, Banner-Transition Student Catalog Team
2013–2014 Drew2017 Prioritization Project, Steering Committee
2013–2014 Chair, Academic Readiness Subcommittee, Student Success Committee
2012–2014 Risk Assessment
2009–2014 Academic Standing Committee; Academic Computing Advisory Committee
2011–2013 Provost’s Council
2011–2012 Facilities Utilization Team, Organizational Review
2009–2012 Co-Chair, Enrollment Management and Retention Committee

Grants & Awards

date item
2021, 2018 Drew Digital Humanities Summer Institute faculty grant
2011–2013 NEH Institute for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities: Linked Ancient World Data Institute, Co-Principal Investigator
2013, ’07, ’06, ’04 Summer Faculty Research/Development Grant
2006 Presidential Initiative Fund Grant
2005 DuPont Fellow, National Humanities Center (Space: Familiar, Sacred, Contested, Compulsory, led by Annabel Wharton, Department of Art and Art History, Duke University)
1998–1999 Faculty Research Grants
1997–1998, 1996 Mellon Fellow, University of Michigan
1993–1994 Regents Fellow, University of Michigan
1990–1991 University Fellow, University of Minnesota
1990 Amherst Memorial Fellow in Archaeology, Amherst College
1983–1987 Amherst College Classics Prizes: Bertram, Billings Ancient Greek, Crowell Freshman Latin, Harry DeForrest Smith entering-freshmen Greek-language

Academic Interests

Italian archaeology, Roman history, Digital Humanities, Latin paedagogy

Archaeological Experience

Director: Vicus Martis Tudertium Field School (2008–2017)

Supervisor: Paestum (Italy, 1995, ’97, ’99)

Participant: Duos Nuraghes (Sardinia, Italy, 1992); Roman Forum (Rome, Italy, 1991); Son Mas Sanctuary (Mallorca, Spain, 1990); Poggio Civitate (Murlo, Italy, 1987–88)


Native: English
Full professional Proficiency: Italian
Reading ability: Latin, Ancient Greek, French, German


Books, Papers & Chapters

date item
2021 “A New Dedication to Mercury at S. Martino ai Monti (Rome),” ZPE (forthcoming)
2020 Fide non ficta. Essays in honor of Paul B. Harvey, jr., co-edited with Celia Schultz, Spirito: Casa Editrice Edipuglia
  Populus as army and the preservation of Roman legal language,” in Fide non ficta. Essays in Honor of Paul B. Harvey, Jr., 13–32. Spirito: Casa Editrice Edipuglia
2016 “The Apsidal building of the Vicus Martis Tudertium (PG),” with Sarah Harvey, Elena Lorenzetti, Jill A. Rhodes, and Stefano Spiganti FOLD&R 366
2015 “The 2011 Excavation Season at the Site of the Vicus Martis Tudertium (PG),” with Rangar Cline, Sarah Harvey, Elena Lorenzetti, and Stefano Spiganti FOLD&R 327
  “A Speculative Note on the Golden Calf,” self-published, 2015-06-10
2014 Current Practice in Linked Open Data for the Ancient World, issue ed., with Thomas Elliott and Sebastian Heath, ISAW Papers 7
2012 “Re-Interpreting the Robinson Skyphos,” SHT 13.A.1, 1–15
  “Report on the Linked Ancient World Data Institute,” with Thomas Elliott and Sebastian Heath, ISQ 24, 2–3, Spring/Summer
2011 “A New Archaic Dipinto from Poseidonia,” with James Higginbotham, ZPE 178, 191–194
  “The 2010 Excavation Season at the Site of the Vicus ad Martis Tudertium (PG),” FOLD&R 227
2010 “Excavations along the Via Flaminia: the Vicus ad Martis Tudertium,” Etruscan News 13, Winter, p. 16
  “The 2008 and 2009 Excavation Seasons at the Site of the Vicus ad Martis Tudertium (PG),” FOLD&R 185
2009 “Excavations at the Vicus ad Martis Tudertium,” Etruscan News 11, Winter, p. 15
2006 “Religion and Politics: Did the Romans scruple about the placement of their temples?,” Religion in Roman Italy in the Mid- and Late Republican Eras (“Yale Classical Studies”), 181–206, Cambridge University Press
2004 “Frequent vocabulary in Latin textbooks,” CW 97(4), 409–433
2003 “The Brindisi Elogium and the Rejected Lectio Senatus of Appius Claudius Caecus,” Historia 52.4, 496–501
1999 “Critical thinking and reflective learning in the Latin classroom,” with D. Pennell Ross, in Language learners of tomorrow: Process and promise, p. 232–251, M. A. Kassen, ed., NECTFL Conference Reports, National Textbook Co., Lincolnwood, Illinois
1990 “Synthesis and infrared spectroscopic investigations of substance P and isotopically labelled analogues,” MS Thesis, MIT
1989 “Benzylhydrazine as a pseudo-substrate of bovine serum amine oxidase,” with L. Morpurgo et al, Biochem. J. 260, 19–25
1988 “Amine oxidases as biological regulators,” with E. Agostinelli, et al., in Perspectives in polyamine research, p. 11-15, A. Perin, et al., ed., Wichtig Editore, Milan


date item
2020 Giovanna Battaglini, ed., Fregellae: il tempio del Foro e il tempio suburbano sulla via Latina. Monumenti antichi. Serie miscellanea, Volume 23, BMCR 2020.09.03
2015 Filippo Canali De Rossi, Le relazioni diplomatiche di Roma, Volume IV. Dalla ‘liberazione della Grecia’ alla pace infida con Antioco III (201–194 a. C.), BMCR 2015.03.47
2014 Massimiliano Di Fazio, Feronia: spazi e tempi di una dea dell’Italia centrale antica, BMCR 2014.10.25
2013 Michael L. Thomas, Gretchen E. Meyers, Ingrid E. M. Edlund-Berry, ed. Monumentality in Etruscan and Early Roman Architecture: Ideology and Innovation, BMCR 2013.03.11
2012 Ramsey MacMullen, The Earliest Romans: a character sketch, BMCR 2012.02.10
2010 Fik Meijer, Chariot racing in the Roman Empire, BMCR 2010.11.26
  Nigel B. Crowther, Sport in Ancient Times, CJ 106(2), 242–243
2008 Matthew Hartnett, By Roman Hands: Inscriptions and Graffiti for Students of Latin, CB 84.2
2007 Keith Hopkins, Mary Beard The Colosseum, Choice
2005 Christopher S. Mackay, Ancient Rome: A Military and political history, CO 83.1
  Filippo Canali De Rossi, Le relazioni diplomatiche di Roma, Vol. I: dall’età regia alla conquista del primato in Italia (753–265 a.C), BMCR 2005.02.19
2004 Nathan Rosenstein, Rome at war: Farms, families, and death in the Middle Republic, BMCR 2004.07.56
  Thomas F. Scanlon, Eros and Greek athletics, CO 81.2 (Winter)
  Peter J. Holliday, Origins of pictorial representation in Roman art, NECJ 31.1 (February)
2003 Guy Bradley, Ancient Umbria, CW 96.2 (Winter), 228–229
2002 Serafina Cuomo, Ancient Mathematics, CO 80.1 (Fall)
  Christer Bruun, The Roman middle republic: Politics, religion, and historiography c. 400–133 B.C., CW 95.4 (Summer), 460–461
2000 Richard C. Beacham, Spectacle entertainments of early imperial Rome, CO 78.1 (Fall)

Invited Talks

date item
2022 Umbria nunc revocat. Landscape, History, and Archaeology of a Territory in Ancient Times” conference, University of Perugia, March 10-11
2018 Keynote at opening ceremony of the Digital Liberal Arts Collaboratory, William Patterson University, December 6
  Populus as ‘army’ and the preservation of Roman legal language,” Pennsylvania State University, April 14
2016 “Recent work along the Flaminian Way,” AIA lecture program, University of Alberta, March 10
2012 “Excavations at the Vicus ad Martis in Umbria,” NJ Classical Association, October 13
2010 “New Excavations on the Flaminian Way: A Field School at the Vicus ad Martis,” Fairfield College, March 17
2008 “Report on first season of excavations at the Vicus ad Martis Tudertium,” Museum of S. Maria della Pace, as part of the “Giornate Europee del Patrimonio” program, September 28
2007 “Instructional technology and the teaching of Latin: Where we’ve been and where we’re going,” Glenn M. Knudsvig Memorial Symposium at the University of Michigan, Keynote speaker, 9 July
2005 Quirites and the preservation of early Latin texts,” Classical Humanities Society of South Jersey, at the Richard Stockton College of NJ, 10 April
2003 “Religion and Politics: Did the Romans scruple about the placement of their temples?,” Yale University, 1 March
2001 “Paestum,” Amherst College, 4 October
2000 “Gladiators and Political Competition in Republican Rome,” New Jersey Classical Association Spring Meeting

Conference Papers

date item
2021 “A Database of (Italian) Temples,” Digital Italy conference
2021 “Creating and Maintaining a Linked Online Database (on your own),” Association of Computers and the Humanities biennial conference
2018 A New Database of Roman Temples,” a lightning talk at NYCDH Week 2018
  “The Northern Roman-Period Burial Area at the Vicus Martis Tudertium,” AIA, with Dr. Sarah Harvey
2017 Introduction to “Digital Approaches to Latin Vocabulary Learning,” Classical Association of the Atlantic States, Fall meeting, organized session with Dr. Patrick Burns
  “Rome Research Project: Students and Digital Faculty Research,” Online Learning Consortium Collaborate with Emerging Learning Design, with Dr. Louis Hamilton
  Developing an On-line Database of Roman Temples,” poster, CAA
  A New On-line Database of Roman Temples,” poster, AIA
2016 “A Database of Roman Temples,” at the NYU Institute for the Study of the Ancient World’s LAWDNY 2016 Digital Antiquity Research Workshop
  “The Late Antique/Early Medieval Cemetery at the Vicus Martis Tudertium,” AIA, with Dr. Sarah Harvey and Dr. Jill A. Rhodes
2015 “Seventh Season of Excavation at the Vicus Martis Tudertium,” AIA, with Dr. Sarah Harvey and Dr. Jill A. Rhodes
  “An Unusual Interment of Dismembered Legs and Hands: A Roman Umbria burial puzzle,” poster, American Association of Physical Anthropologists Annual Meeting, with Dr. Jill A. Rhodes (presenter)
2014 “Sixth Season of Excavation at the Vicus Ad Martis Tudertium,” AIA, with Dr. Sarah Harvey
2013 “Fifth Season of Excavation at the Vicus Ad Martis Tudertium,” AIA
2012 “Fourth Season of Excavation at the Vicus Ad Martis Tudertium,” AIA
2011 “Third Season of Excavation at the Vicus Ad Martis Tudertium,” AIA
2010 “Second Season of Excavation at the Vicus Ad Martis Tudertium,” AIA
2009 “Results of First Season of Excavation and Geo-magnetic Survey at the Vicus ad Martis Tudertium,” with Tommaso Mattioli, Departimento Uomo & Territorio, University of Perugia, AIA
2006 “Depictions of Workshops in Ancient Art: Too Many Potters?,” poster, AIA (2nd Prize Winner)
2005 Invited Facilitator for panel discussion: “Davus and Grumio Go To College: workshop and discussion on creating the ideal college-level Latin textbook,” CAAS, fall meeting
2003 “Frequent Latin vocabulary,” ACL Institute
2002 “Political Competition in urban building in Mid-Republican Rome,” AAH
2000 “Creating and using a Latin-vocabulary database,” Michigan-Latin Symposium
1999 “Preliminary results of a survey of classical-language students,” ACL Institute (session organizer)
1999 “The Reflective practitioner in the Latin classroom,” with D. Ross, NECTFL
1998 “Appius Claudius Caecus and the Brindisi elogium,” APA
1998 “(Mis)Reading Livy,” CAMWS
1997 “Political rivalry and monuments in the Roman Republic,” APA
1997 “Courseware on the Internet: Recent work at the University of Michigan,” ACL Institute
1996 “Using the Internet for teaching,” AIA
1992 “Sardinia and off-island contacts,” Chacmool


Classical Humanities; Archaeology of Greece and Rome; Introduction to Roman history; Ancient Sport & Spectacle; Space and Power in the ancient world; Science & technology in the ancient world; Introduction to ancient drama; introductory Latin sequence; intermediate Greek; advanced Latin: Catullus, Vergil, Livy; First-year seminars: The Hero, Dead Men Do Tell Tales; as graduate assistant: Virgil’s Aeneid; Sport and Daily Life in the Roman Empire; introductory chemistry; organic chemistry laboratory


Factional Competition and Monumental Construction in Mid-Republican Rome,” D. S. Potter, advisor

Leaflet; SQL; Greek-Arch list manager; Drew Classics-Department Image Database, Latin Noun Morphology Drill program; Michigan-Latin Vocabulary Project; Web sites (now defunct): Papyrology, Ancient-Mediterranean list archives; computing consultant: American Classical League (1995–1999), University of Michigan Classical Studies (1994–1998); Courseware developer, University of Michigan Classical Civilization program (1995)

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